Mehdiman is a reggae artist, singer, musician and producer who has put out many songs in the recent years. His song catalogue contains a big number of reggae-, dancehall-, soca-, drumnbass-, dubstep- and digital reggae tunes. He wrote some of this songs for his collaborations with producers such as Limit Zero, Yangakid, Subcriminal, DJ STP, Beenieflow, Benjah Musique and Boombardub just to mention a few.

Selection of performed songs

Mehdiman is one of the rare artists who comes from Iran but sings reggae in its original language the Jamaican patois. He presents a selection of his songs with the Rubadub band. You can find all tracks on

Event Dates of Mehdiman

27., 28., 29. of June – Zion Boska Festival in Sutivanac, Crotia

27. of July – Family Festival at Mariannenplatz in Berlin

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